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Cliodhna Eoghan a posted Dec 16, 16


as majority of you know, erik and i are in the middle of a rather drawn out pain in the ass move that involve fun things like blood red kitchens without appliances, erik camping with our dumbass dog that's too scared to sleep alone at night despite the fact he's roughly 100 pounds and our internet being nonexistant....>_>


that should be OVER soon....,sooooooooooooooon O^O subs are back on, gas is on, (hot water \o/) half the boxes are moved over (well..a third but i'd like to think it's half so it's less i have to think about moving <_<;  ) and by tues at the latest, everyting should be moved and internet sbould be installed. we still have a lot of maintance to do on the house but othewise things should be FINALLY settling down for us to be back around for shenanigans and kiddies, get rid of any dead bodies, drugs, and put out all the goddam fires i KNOW you started while we were gone >|

All right maggots! The Red Wings are getting soft it seems in peace time! Lots of sitting at the bar and lollygagging. Welp, we got missions coming, we got work that needs getting done. But before we can get to the meat'n'potatoes we gotta get in shape. Its time for the Yearly Physical

This will include actual medical exams leading up to the day. The day itself will be the Physical Challenge. A group exercise to set your speed, strength, endurance, and cunning. Wingmen! FALL IN!

OOC: On the 28th we will hold a small FC event called the "Physical Challenge" where we will rp being put through the ringer in a Flame mandated physical fitness test. This will usher in the much talked about but until now no time to do monthly RP events. After this starter one, I'll start posting up the poll ideas and we can see where it goes. I've finally got my new job so the stress is off and I can focus brain power this way.

Cliodhna Eoghan a Prolly eveningish...bout 10 eastern if i had to guess
Mina Rhaal What time?

There will be some positive changes to the over-arching FC RP in the coming days. The short of it is there is a thread up in the forums: The Red Wings RP Storyline Omnithread

This thread is for any rp you have, any at all, be it FC centered or just self focused but in need of help due to size. There are no bad ideas. Each month we will select a few at random and set them to a poll. The story with the most votes will be that month's story. Its pretty basic as threads go but I will flush it out as I can tomorrow.

In the course of the next one to four weeks we will be setting up a major FC-wide RP story arc. The event when it happens will last a few days and will involve another FC which matches us in size and will lead to many instances of smaller group RP during the course of the event. To those who are new we use to do events like this but RL has taken alot of my time over the last few months.

To avoid any worry, let me say this is NOT a FC merger. You will NOT be required to play if you don't wish to. The various RPs of the event NOT take place in areas you can't enter or survive. These events are for fun and will not cause any stress.

I will list further details as they become avalible right here so stay tune and get ready for some fun.


E3 Live Letter Info

Erik Mynhier a posted Jun 15, 16

(I Highlighted RP stuff and some fun things but its all good. This came from reddit)

Naoki Yoshida and the FFXIV team will be at E3 (June 14-16) this year with a Live Letter on Wednesday at 4:30pm PDT (23:30 GMT).

There is also the Sephirot Battle Challenge and a fat chocobo statue!


(Looking for the Amazon Promo item megathread?)


  • Apartments coming in 3.4
  • Reselling land for high amounts is not allowed and GMs will enforce this, report it if you see it on PF
  • They are working on increasing housing item limit, stay tuned
  • Next expansion: "large increase" for inventory space
  • 2000 mentor roulette runs for the mount: they have no intend to decrease it
  • No plans to really nerf Weeping City
  • Can we get Savage Weeping City? "WHAT REALLY? Okay okay maybe eventually when we get more wiggle room"
  • They'll look into letting Dragonskin maps stack
  • Mount abilities in open world (like the broom ability): they're working on it one at a time
  • They're thinking about a raid roulette as requested by every region
  • Can we get stage furnishings? Yoshi-P asks the housing team while on camera to do this
  • They'll think about an icon to represent "in character"
  • A MGP bonus event rotation? They have the system in from the Gold Saucer event, they'll consider it
  • Change pose for sleeping? Has been worked on for a while, it'll be in 3.35
  • Less than a month for 3.35
  • New anti-RMT tools: 3.4 will bring a system where you can directly report it to accumulate the reports on the server and throw them into jail (this is already used in DQX). Yoshi-P got a RMT tell while on a NA server today at E3
  • Sleipnir flying: they'll try to prioritize it
  • Lv. 17 required for Deep Dungeon
  • He recommends doing 2.4 + Tam-Tara before going into Deep Dungeon (hint)
  • Deep Dungeon has 2 "save slots", 16-bit graphic UI
  • Deep Dungeon has much faster leveling
  • Treasure chests will drop items or level up your weapon/armor (or will be a mimic)
  • Every 10 floors is a boss, and that's where you can save
  • Can't progress floors if someone is dead
  • No lock outs
  • Rewards: take the glowing weapons out to the open world
  • Launching with 50 floors
  • Later on 100 or 200 floors will be available, but this will be a challenge progressing above floor 100
  • Your powered up gear applies to all save slots in Deep Dungeon
  • Deep Dungeon has party matching, but it's different from Duty Finder
  • No required roles for Deep Dungeon party matching
  • Cait Sith doll plushie: preorders start today, includes in-game item code (Cait Sith ears)
  • EU Fan Fest: Feb 18+19
  • Fan Fest minions (one per region): Rikku, Lulu, Yuna
  • Fan Fest glamour: one top secret outfit
  • NA ticket presales: June 21 @ 12pm PDT (watch for an email tonight)
  • One person can buy up to 4 tickets
  • Moogle slippers (physical product) still being produced
  • Live Letter ended
Star-Lin As much as I would love to go to Fanfest...I figure out that it would be almost $800. I don't have that kind of mo...
Marstannum As cool as some of this stuff is, this was easily my favorite part: &quot;Yoshi-P got a RMT tell while on a NA serve...
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