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The Red Wings  -  A roleplay Free Company found on the Balmung Server. Military RP based.

We are The Red Wings. We are an active unit of the Immortal Flames. Sworn to service and manned by soldiers of the Flames, our mission is threefold.

The first is to provide a rapid response to dangers of life and limb up to the outermost parts of Thanalan and beyond, by means of both direct and covert actions.
The second, to provide military support to outlying detachments of Immortal Flames and settlements under the Sultanate by means of our (IC) fleet of five small but swift airships.
The final and newest addition to the mission of the unit, is to provide education and training, in areas of soldiering, reading and writing, and basic life skills, to soldiers both veteran and recruit.

I am honored to command The Red Wings and I take great pride in the sacrifice and service of every Soldier, civilian operative, and family member in the Unit. If you believe you have what it takes, and if you want to make a real difference, then why wait? Join the Red Wings today.

Eirikir Mynhier, Flame Captain
Commanding Officer of The Red Wings

The Red Wings is a Role Playing Free Company founded on Balmung. The overall story line is that after the calamity it was formed as an intelligence gathering unit of the Immortal Flames. Over the years the the mission has adapted to fit the times. We now find ourselves still acting in a covert fashion, but also in an open military roll as well as a training role.

As this is an RP FC, it is important that the tenants of the FC be held for story purposes, so from that, some of the requirements in joining are IC membership as a soldier with the Immortal Flames. Any support job that would be logical within a military unit is welcomed, such as secretary, cook, doctor, however you are a soldier, so there is not a lot of room for overly sensitive or soft characters. Even if you like a bit of brooding, you must at appropriate times be a soldier.

So if this sounds interesting to you, PM me here or in game. Feel free to come out to our HQ and have a look around. The Sable Hall, Plot 27, 6th Ward, The Goblet. The "Goblet Southeast" aether will bring you right to our door.